NVSC History - 1994



Eight months later, on Saturday, February 27, 1994, the first official club meeting took place at Dee Bassett’s home. The following officers were elected:

  • Dee Bassett, President
  • Debbie Nichols, Vice President
  • Liz Kestler, Secretary
  • Dave Rapson, Treasurer

After discussing several options, the group voted to name the club THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA SHAG CLUB. They adopted Rick Hendrix’s suggestion that the name of the club’s newsletter be called the “Shag Rag,” and Janis Grimes agreed to serve as publisher/editor. Donna Harrington and Pauline Easby-Smith said they would chair the Events Committee. Charlie Price agreed to write proposed By-laws for the club similar to the format of the Richmond Shag Club, and to look into procedures for incorporating the club. After the meeting, they rolled up the living room carpet, turned on the music, and shared dance, music, food and lively conversation.

Members present at that meeting were:

  • Dee Bassett
  • Larry Boyer
  • Larry Camp
  • Pauline Easby-Smith
  • Dickie Gee
  • Janis Grimes
  • Dotty Hale
  • Frank Hale
  • Donna Harrington
  • Rick Hendrix
  • Liz Kestler
  • Tom Lufkin
  • Bert Nelbach
  • Debbie Nichols
  • Nick Nichols
  • Patricia Parrott
  • Charlie Price
  • Dave Rapson
  • Ruth Rapson
  • Sharon Salpini
  • Gary Salpini

In July 1994, at the first General Membership meeting held at the Juke Box Café, Janis Grimes, Larry Camp and Gary Salpini were elected by the members to serve as Board Members-at-Large. Sharon Salpini was asked to chair the Membership Committee.

Dee and other NVSC Board and committee members enthusiastically embraced the challenge of meeting all requirements for admission into the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC). The club’s logo, designed by Rick Hendrix and Liz Kestler (who received a $25 winner’s prize), was voted on and accepted. Logo colors were determined to be black, gold and aqua blue. Required ACSC meetings were attended. Club By-laws were finalized and approved. Dee asked The Virginia Beach Shag Club to sponsor the club and, on September 17th, 1994, Roger Elling of the Virginia Beach Shag Club placed the Northern Virginia Shag Club before the ACSC. By unanimous vote NVSC became an associate member for a period of one year, after which it would be fully recognized and able to vote as an active member of the ACSC. It was said that we had the distinction, then, but not any longer, of being the northernmost shag club in the Association. Many thanks to Dee, Gary and others who worked so hard for so long to bring the club to this point in its evolution.

At that time, club members danced every Wednesday night at the Juke Box Café in Springfield. Debbie Nichols taught the basic step with diligence and devotion to all who wanted to learn this new and fascinating dance. In August, Larry Boyer joined her, teaching beginner turns and intermediate steps.


Larry Boyer’s enduring love of shag and his unwavering commitment to NVSC is well established by the fact that he is still one of the primary shag instructors into the year 2003, having taught the basic step to many newcomers and intricate mirror steps to many seasoned shaggers. As a female, I can attest to his exceptional dance style and lead ability. I happen to know that his choice steps are the Boogie-walk, Duck Walk, and Sugarfoot; and a less known favored mirror step of his is the “Video Walk-up.” He does a great pivot, too! The ladies really like dancing with him.


Origins of the NVSC

By Gary and Sharon Salpini

In the early 90’s, Sharon and I were regularly dancing jitterbug with Dave and Ruth Rapson at places like the Juke Box, Checkers, and Legends. Sharon heard about the Carolina Shag. We had looked for places to dance at Myrtle Beach during our travels there, but we had not yet discovered the North end of Myrtle Beach.

During a casual conversation with our neighbor, we mentioned that we were looking for an opportunity to learn to Shag. Our neighbor told us that there was a married couple in their bowling league who were shaggers and that she would ask them where they danced. The couple turned out to be Nick & Debbie Nichols, and we learned that they danced on Saturday afternoons at Paradiso on Franconia Road in Springfield. Yes! We had a plan! We would go to Paradiso!

The next Saturday, we went with Dave and Ruth to Paradiso and waited from about 1:00 to 4:00PM. No dancers showed up. We were disappointed, but we agreed to try again. The following week we again went to Paradiso. Things began to look up. People were coming in! Soon there were about two-dozen people there. Someone came around passing out papers and we thought we’d met success. This must be the start of a dance lesson. Excitement grew…only to find out that the papers were employment applications. Seems Paradiso was having a job fair. What now? We decided to give it one last shot next Saturday. If the Shag dancers didn’t show up, it looked hopeless.

The next Saturday, we rolled into Paradiso. Soon, two couples came in and put on their dancing shoes! Success! Here was the Carolina Shag! We introduced ourselves and met Nick & Debbie Nichols and Dee Bassett and her dance partner. Ground zero for the first shag lesson for the four of us!

We had a great time, struggling though we were to learn the shag basic and break those old jitterbug habits. Our instructors had to be the most awesome shag dancers around. They made it look so easy. We were hooked. We agreed to meet again next Saturday at Paradiso to continue the lessons. We ended up meeting a few more times at Paradiso before moving the group to Blackie’s on Sunday evening. Blackie’s had a thing going with a local oldies radio station to promote jitterbug on Sunday evenings, and Debbie Nichols talked them into alternating the play time with some shag/beach music.

We danced for a couple of months at Blackie’s, and then Dee suggested that we start a shag club. Seems that Dee had some experiences with people from the Virginia Beach and Richmond Shag Clubs and thought that we could successfully form one here too. We decided that Dee would be president and Dave Rapson would be temporary treasurer. We set dues at $15 annually and Dave collected the money. The founding 15 had taken the first baby step!

All went well until we arrived one evening and the management of Blackie’s informed us that they would no longer play our music! We had to leave. We found ourselves with no place to dance. Not a pleasant situation. We needed a plan and a place to dance.

Debbie Nicholscalled the manager at the Juke Box Café and told him that she and about 25 friends needed a place to dance. He told her to come and bring everyone. He would play the music. The group, not yet a formal club, had found a home.

We had a meeting at Dee’s house and worked out the details for the club. We settled on the name for the club, selected the first officers and board members, voted to use the by-laws from the Richmond club, and established that we would have a monthly newsletter and picked the name “Shag Rag” for it. Sharon Salpini was appointed membership director and Janis Grimes agreed to write the monthly newsletter. Donna Harrington and Pauline Easby-Smith shared the Events Committee. Charlie Price provided legal guidance and convinced us that we should become incorporated. It was decided that the first board would serve the remainder of that year and the following year. Elections were established for November with a new board to take control in January. Dee asked the Virginia Beach club to sponsor us, and we were on our way! Dave and Gary attended the ACSC meeting, 1994 Spring SOS on behalf of NVSC, when we were voted on and accepted as a temporary ACSC member. Clubs represented by membership at that time was about 60. I think we were the northernmost shag club, and many of the southerners were skeptical of us. “You’re not a Yankee are you?” they asked Dee.

(What could a Yankee know about dancing shag? “In the South, with only one dance, we are very protective of it,” said Jackie McGee. From Dancing USA, March/April 1995)

The club stayed at the Juke Box for about 18 months before returning to Blackie’s. The club’s roots were really established in those early days at the Juke Box and many of the club traditions started there. We had a regular DJ, Bert Nelbach, faithfully playing beach music for us every Wednesday night. The club logo was chosen from entries submitted by the members. The colors for the logo came from participating members coloring in samples on black and white copies of the logo one night. The birthday dances and cakes were started. Free dance lessons preceded open dancing. Golf shirts and T-shirts were selected and procured by member, Dickie Gee, to be sold to club members. The club banner was obtained. We reached our first real milestone, 100 members. Eddy Farmer, and his computer skills, created and produced our first, full-color, membership cards. The club grew and managed to generate enough revenue to be able to amass an amazing $1,000.00 balance in the treasury. We had survived.

NVSC Membership List, February 1994

Keith AbernathyH.K. Lee
Dee BassettThomas Lufkin
Sherri BasshamChloe Lynn
Larry BoyerGeorge Murray
Larry CampBert Nelbach (DJ)
Alice CannonDebbie & Nick Nichols
Pauline Easby-SmithPatricia Parrott
Dickie GeeCharlie Price
Michael GetseyRuth & Dave Rapson
Janis GrimesKaren & Robert Rogers
Frank & Dotty HaleSharon & Gary Salpini
Donna HarringtonEllen Werther
Rick Hendrix & Liz KestlerJim Taylor


It was said that the NVSC newsletter was the best. The first issue of the Shag Rag, Volume I, Number 1, dated March 1994, established a newsletter format that soon won acclaim as being one of the best among the ACSC. It contained a write-up by Donna Harrington of a trip taken by a small group of club members to the Virginia Beach Shag Club’s ‘Sunday Social,’ and also an account of the trip to the 1994 ACSC Midwinter Weekend, February 14-16, at N. Myrtle Beach. Frigid temperatures, she said, didn’t keep some 4,000 dancers from enjoying beach music and dance at The Spanish Galleon, The Pad, Ducks and Fat Harold’s.

As newsletter editor, Janis Grimes wanted her readers to be informed. She consistently searched out and published articles about Carolina Shag and Beach Music. She motivated members to write articles, send in profiles, attend functions and improve dance skills: “This is your newsletter,” she said. She initiated the “Shagger Profile” to introduce new members. The “Roving Shag Reporter” reported members’ activities without revealing his identity. “Road Trips With Gypsies” detailed interesting trip experiences. “Dear Gabby” answered questions about romance and dance; however, readers soon learned it was all in fun. “The Shagmaster Says” provided tips on dance attitude, etiquette, and improved technique and style. Janis originated the “Humor Corner,” the “DJ Booth,” and “Happy Birthday” columns. She faithfully advertised all Shag events. The newsletter was a monthly delight. It was always tasteful, informative and entertaining with a splash of humor and a sprinkle of personality. It was always positive and upbeat. It always promoted shag, the music and the club. She inspired and brought out the best in everyone with her eloquence, exuberance, passion, fervor, humor, and obvious love for shag and beach music. She gave to the club a newsletter they could be proud of, a newsletter that represented the club well to the dance and shag communities.


The Club’s First DJ

Bert Nelbach was the club’s first deejay. Having little previous exposure to beach music, Bert made several trips to North Myrtle Beach to purchase the music the club members wanted to hear. Soon, he had attained a sizable repertoire of the music that shaggers love to pick up and put down their feet to!


On July 1994, the club treasury was up to an impressive $471.85, due primarily to leadership, team spirit and the zeal with which club members worked to recruit new members and sell t-shirts, shag buttons and NVSC luggage tags designed by Eddie Farmer. The club began investigating possible charitable opportunities, although, struggling financially as it was, the emphasis was held to the primary purpose of the club, to promote Carolina Shag and Beach Music. (Please see Charities write-up.)


In those early days road trips were so much fun. The whole bunch would pile into Janis’s or Rick’s van and head down the road. One of the first group trips was to the Westfield’s Concert Series in Chantilly, VA to benefit the Easter Seals Society. This large, open outdoor area had a small dance floor in front of the band platform. They brought in such greats as Bill Deal and Fat Ammon (the original Rhondels), The Hubcaps, and Jr. Cline & The Recliners.

The group rallied together one cold winter night in February for a Delbert McClinton concert at The Barns of Wolf Trap.

On March 18, 1994, they went as a group to the National Press Club at the invitation of Ken Tyler and the North Carolina State Society (thanks to Jim Taylor for the invitation.) The fabulous Catalinas played beach music that night.

Tidbits of the Early Years

By Donna Harrington

I also remember the trip we made on Sunday, March 6th to Virginia Beach in Pauline’s car… Pauline, Patricia, Tom Lufkin, me. That was the first time we had Fran Harris as a teacher showing variations of the shag basic on the dance floor at Steppin’ Out – and then we went that evening to Madeline’s in Portsmouth to dance. Driving home, we brainstormed on ways to promote the club and hit upon the idea of selling NVSC buttons, which ultimately led to selling additional items.

GOT MY MOJO WORKIN’ (The Embers with John Ellison)

In April 1994, the club membership was well represented at the SOS Spring Safari, North Myrtle Beach. (NOTE: SOS stands for Society of Stranders, named after the 35-mile stretch of beach along the coast of the Carolinas called the Grand Strand.)

In August 1994, five NVSC members and three guests attended an outdoor dance in The Plains, VA, as guests of Robert Duvall (the Academy Award-winning actor) and his wife. One member was especially delighted to dance with Robert Duvall… he asked her! (Patricia Parrott.) Larry Boyer was pleased to dance with Duvall’s wife, Sharon.

In September that year, the group attended SOS Fall Migration; and in October they went to the VA Beach Shag Club’s “Beach Bash.” In the October issue of the Shag Rag, the Roving Shag Reporter revealed many details of the NVSC members’ activities at the SOS Fall Migration, Myrtle Beach, September 9-18. (See write up below.)

WHAT’S GOING ON (Frankie Gaye)


By Our Roving Shag Reporter (by Patricia Parrott)

You didn’t see me, but I was there, and I watched you. As small as a fly on the wall, I was hiding and lurking around Myrtle Beach SOS Fall Migration ’94. I Heard It Through The Grapevine that John Belt was at Fat Harold’s Dancin’ To The Music with his Sweet, Sweet Darlin’, Pauline. I heard that he mouthed Rescue Me, and then said out loud, “That’s Enough for Me.” He did the Alligator Walk out of there, but he was later seen at other Smoky Places having a Real Good Time.

I observed Eddy Farmer with his Boppin’ Shoes on, and his Mojo Workin’, looking to dance with two Hard Hearted Women or one Jazzy Lady, acting like a regular Party Time Man and Girl Watcher. He said, “If This is Heaven, I wanna stay.” But, alas, he had to Drive It Home early, and was last seen on Friday.

For some people, Friday night was Just Another Lonely Night, but not for Larry Camp and Jim Taylor. They had their Backfield in Motion while Coolin’ Out at Fat Harold’s and Ducks, dancing with Carolina Girls. Their facial expression portrayed a wish to Hold Back The Night. Late in the evening Larry was spotted escorting two very attractive ladies into Zack’s. He appeared to be having Some Kinda Wonderful good time. But where were Bill Smyth and H.K. Lee, I wondered?

Donna Harrington arrived late in the week, but she Walked Right In and got Smack Dab in the middle of things. She made up lost time. She and Pauline looked like they were having a good time socializing with a Hoo Doo Man at Tilghman’s Pool Party. They sampled the Love Potion No. 9, had a little Nip Sip and a taste of White-Port-Lemon-Juice. They obviously had decided to Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy, and That Is Why they had such fun.

Jim Nanny was at Tilghman’s Pool Party, too. He was seen everywhere. He was on the beach, and at Ducks with his camcorder. He was seen at Judy’s House of Oldies and, yes, Deed I Do remember seeing him Shaggin’ in O.D.’s, the Pad, Fat Harold’s, Ducks and Ducks Too. I saw him, Eddy Farmer, Patricia Parrott and Janis Grimes taking lessons from Jackie and Charlie, learning to do the “Funky Applejack, Push Belly, and the Funky.” You should ask them to show you what they learned. Shame, Shame on them if they don’t remember the steps.

Armed with new Shaggin’ shoes, Janis and Patricia set about Searchin’ to capture the correct attitude, posture, style and essence of Caroline Shag. Barefootin’, they hobbled home, dipping feet and Hot Legs in the cool ocean surf, smiled upon by the Carolina Moon. Janis Took More Than a Minute hunting for seashells, and Patricia heard Hey, I Know You again and again. Seems she saw many friends from Virginia Beach.

I thought I would Shout and Fall to Pieces when Janis and Patricia were “ducked” in Ducks, aided by Dean Hipps of New York (who later became an active member of the club). I shared their amusement over two dazed golfers from Ohio looking Blind, Crippled and Crazy wandering around outside Fat Harold’s wanting to know, “Is something going on here?!”

Debbie and Nick Nichols were dancin’, romancin’ and partyin’ with friends… mostly on the deck at the pool… boy, there was a Whole Lotta Shakin’ with a Doo Wah Diddy and a Dinky Doo. They cooked a big pot of stew with a funny name… something like Frogmore. It looked delicious… I wish I could have tasted it, but I dared not reveal my hiding place or myself.

I’ve Been Hurt Before, but I’d have been a Mess of Blues had I never spotted Dave and Ruth Rapson or Gary and Sharon Salpini… Then lo, there they were in Ducks. They were looking good! They weren’t doing Too Much Foolin’ Around and weren’t Misbehavin’, as some others might have been doing. May I remind you that I never saw Bill or H.K. Lee!

Though the NVSC has a greater distance to travel, and are small in number, all in all, there was a good representation of NVSC membership. But, I wondered, “Where were Bill and H.K? Do you suppose they met a Kidnapper?”

I was one of the last to leave the City Full of Memories. I Love Beach Music and Carolina Shag, and I’d like to stay longer, but I’ve Got To Give It Up because Tomorrow Is A Comin’. My greatest pleasure was not just in watching you NVSC members from my hiding perch, but also in watching the old-time dancers, the Hall of Fame Exhibition Dances, and the very young dancers, who all really put on a show. I’ll never forget Ellen Taylor, with her elegance, and Jo-Jo Putnam with a Hop and a Skip, and a leg around the fanny.

I’m Ready to do this again Any Day Now. How about you?

Yes, the identity of the Roving Shag Reporter was a mystery for a while, but NVSC members, unwilling to be outsmarted, finally did identify one of them as Patricia Parrott.

GOOD OLD DAYS (Jimmy McCracklin)

The club’s first dance workshop welcomed Fran Harris and Peter Jones of the Virginia Beach Shag Club on Saturday, April 9, 1994, teaching beginner, intermediate and male leads at the Hallmark Towers, Hallmark Party Room, in Alexandria.

Tidbits of the Early Years

By Donna Harrington

Our very FIRST dance workshop was when we invited Fran Harris and Peter Jones of the Virginia Beach Shag Club here for some very basic instruction in April of 1994. Larry Camp arranged to have the party room of his apartment complex available for our use. I recall Fran teaching us the side-to-side basic variation. Man, that was difficult to learn. She and Peter also patiently went through some male leads and female turns for us. It all seemed so complex at the time.

Now, when I am instructing a beginner or “barely” intermediate level class and have some students who are having a hard time picking up the steps, I think about that afternoon and try to remember how challenging everything was when it was brand new. I think it helps me instruct better when I can put myself in their shoes again!

I’M SO INTO YOU (Edwin Starr)

NVSC members, especially the ladies, got very excited when one Wednesday night in July, Sonny Carver and a young Brent Key showed up at the Juke Box Café. Brent showed them what Carolina Shag was all about! Accompanied by his father, Ken Key, he came back to dance at the Juke Box several more times during the following weeks and months. He was only 17, and a junior shag competitor at the time. Who knew then that in a few short years, Brent Key and Shea Carver (Sonny and Judy’s daughter) would win First Place in a Carolina Shag Division at the 1995 VA State Open competitions and First Place in the Overall competitions, and go on to win First Place at the US Open in Anaheim, CA? (See 1995 VA State Open write-up)

SHAKIN’ THE SHACK (Fantastic Shakers)

The October 1994 VA State Open Swing Dance Championships, hosted by Craig Hutchinson, brought in Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee as instructors, exhibition dancers and judges. This opened Carolina Shag in a big way to the local dance community and, for the first time ever, listed Carolina Shag in the competition categories. Rick Hendrix and Liz Kestler won first place; Chris Meyer and Janis Grimes placed second. ‘Who won what’ was not the focus. This was the first time members of our club competed, and we were all novices struggling to perfect style and technique. The objective was to bring notice to Carolina Shag, to let it be known that shag is here, in Northern Virginia, to stay. Shag was met with fascination by the Swing dancers. Craig Hutchinson brought further notice and acclaim to Carolina Shag that year by enlisting Roc Sarlo, Beach Music deejay from VA Beach, to play at the event. And in celebration of the club being accepted into membership in the ACSC, Donna Harrington and Pauline Easby-Smith organized a luncheon buffet at Randy’s Lounge for club members with Roc Sarlo as deejay. It was very exciting to hear and dance to Roc’s beach music.


In November 1994, John “Catfish” Kelly from Richmond happened by Blackie’s Déjà Vu one night and became the club’s 100th member.

Excitement ran high on November 12th, 1994. Rick Hendrix arranged for the club to have its first professional shag instruction. National Shag Champions, Sonny & Judy Carver, taught the basic and a mirror step at Blackie’s Déjà Vu in Springfield. The cost was $30 per person for a four-hour workshop and lunch buffet. The event was a big success. Participants included shaggers, hand dancers, swing dancers and many people from out-of-town. Not wanting it to end, they danced that night at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 7 Corners. Rick Hendrix was the deejay. As a gesture of good will, Sonny and Judy donated several of their instruction videos to the club.

Club’s First Christmas Party - Pauline Easby-Smith hosted the Club’s First Christmas Party, December 17, 1994. She and Donna Harrington created a beautiful holiday celebration. There was glitter, glitz, blinking lights, great music, good dancing, tasty food, fun, laughter, lively conversation, holiday spirit, dance exhibition, door prizes, 50-50 raffle, donations to SOME (So Others Might Eat), and a relaxed party atmosphere.


By Donna Harrington

That first Christmas Party at Pauline’s…I surely remember how tired my muscles were after Pauline and I completed the clean-up at her house the day after the party – buffing her living room floor, moving furniture and carpeting back into place, and general kitchen restoration. The setup the day BEFORE the party had been a LOT more fun for the two of us

After the Christmas party, the following article appeared in the Shag Rag:

I Thought It Was The Fourth of July!

By the Roving Shag Reporter (Patricia Parrott)

Match the corresponding name to the person or event below. Give yourself four points for each correct answer. 23 correct answers –you’re astute: 20 –fairly aware: 15 – naïve: 10 – a good guesser: 5 – were you there?

1. Lady in red and gold who later became the lady in red.

2. Exhibited unequaled skill in greeting guests. Hint: Big donator of door prizes.

3. Spent half-a-day in the kitchen (right where he should have been) preparing pork roast tenderloin and potato salad for all to enjoy.

4. Brought Auslese, a fine premium German wine.

5. Is in competition with Patricia Parrott, Queen of Twirl, for the title of King of Twirl. Hint: He wore Santa’s red cummerbund and red bow tie.

6. His necktie had a little button sewn inside the tip. Hint: He won the 50-50 Raffle.

7. She joined the club and became a new member. Hint: Guest of Jose Garcia-Frias

8. Was out of town and unable to attend, but sent Christmas wishes to everyone.

9. From NY, was absent and sorely missed

10. Traveled from Richmond to celebrate with us. Hint: 100th member.

11. Was the guest of a new member of the Club from the Cape Fear Shag Club.

12. It is widely known that one of the participants has an ongoing love affair with his bicycle. Hint: Club president.

13. Renowned DC Hand Dancers gave great Hand Dance demonstrations. Note: There were five.

14. She looked like a Christmas angel with her sweet smile.

15. Showed up after a long absence and say they are coming back.

16. Met success with no coercion. Hint: He did an outstanding job with the raffle. Cleans kitchens well, too.

17. Looking really good after recent illness.

18. To him go our congratulations and best wishes on his engagement.

19. Provided the great music that we love so much.

20. Taught the “push belly” to several members. Hint: He’s a good shagger.

21. Had the flashing camera.

22. Fell in love on the dance floor.

23. Made a mess. Note: Evidence of everyone having a good time.

Corresponding names:

John Belt, Dallas Campbell, John “Catfish” Kelly, Jerry Crews, Pauline Easby-Smith, Eddy Farmer, Joey Griffith, Janis Grimes, Dotty and Frank Hale, Donna Harrington, Liz Kestler, Rick Hendrix, Dean Hipps, Donna Kris, Tom Lufkin, Rick Mesmer, BonnieTorguson, John Mullen, Jim Nanney, Debbie and Nick Nichols, Charlie Price, Gary Salpini, Bill Smith, Jim Taylor, Lee Ann Woodcock, Jim Notta, and Everyone.

Answers: 1-Pauline. 2-Donna. 3-Rick H. 4-Jerry C. 5-Jim Taylor. 6-Gary S. 7-Donna K. 8-Bill Smith? 9-Dean H. 10-Catfish. 11-Joey G. 12-Charlie P. 13-Rick M., Lee Ann W., Bonnie T., Jim Notta & John M. 14-Janis G. 15-Dotty & Frank. 16-John B. 17-Dallas C. 18-Tom L. 19-Eddy F. 20-Jim N. 21-Liz K. 22-Debbie & Nick. 23-Everyone

The Treasury was on a steady incline upward. At the end of 1994, the club had $819.73 in the bank and in the early months of 1995 a balance of $865.81 was reported in the Shag Rag.

Dave Rapson is acknowledged and appreciated for all his care in receiving, recording, reimbursing and reporting NVSC’S funds.

THE TOP 50 SHAG SONGS OF 1994 (from Charlie Byrd’s Beach Blast)

Stop Loving Me Stop Loving You Daryl Hall

Baby Likes To Rock It Tractors

Alligator Walk Mojo Blues Band

Love Potion #9 Hansel Martinez

Real Love Johnny Taylor

Three People Sleeping in My Bed Willie Clayton

Shama Lama Ding Dong Band of Oz

Your Place Or Mine John Ellison

Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You Alexander O’Neal

Footprints On The Ceiling Ruby Winters

That Man Of Mine Betty Wright

Hoodoo Man Mojo Blues Band

I’m Ready Taj Mahal

Ooh Baby Byron Burns

Surely I Love You Huey Lewis & the News

Got To Give It Up Marvin Gaye/David Sanborn

Just You And Me Delbert McClinton

Happy Ever After Bee Gees

If I Could Reach Out (And Help Somebody) Otis Clay

C’est Si Bon Lloyd Price

Big Top Hat Steven Bruton

Rockin’ Slow Bill Wharton & the Ingredients

Mary Lou Delbert McClinton

What’s Going On Frankie Gaye

Play It Like It Used To Be Alvin Lee

Standing At The Crossroads Greg “Fingers” Taylor

Hold Back The Night KWS

Fools Rush In Embers

Hang On In There Baby Bette Midler

Lady Soul Johnny Taylor

Hoochee Coochee Coo Taj Mahal

Integrity Aretha Franklin

Rockaway Beach General Johnson & Joey Ramone

Foolin’ Around H-Bomb Ferguson

Whoopin’ Thighs Lovie Lee

I’ll Be Around Rippingtons f/Jeffrey Osborne

Gone Fishing Larry Howard

Thirsty Ears Powder Blues Band

(Every Thing I Do) Got To Be Funky Maurice John Vaughn

A Donut And A Dream Mills Brothers

Dreamin’ Chairmen

Oh What A Thrill Rockkpile

Something’s Mighty Wrong Tyrone Davis

Pony Time Barrance Whitfield

She Kept On Sittin’ On It Band of Oz

Good Rockin’ Tonight Solomon Burke

You Got Me Dizzy Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon

Maybe Someday Baby East Coast Band

So Into You Edwin Starr

Tore Down Eric Clapton


The club, still struggling as it was in those early days with limited budget and novice expertise, received a great big boost in the offer of help from Jerry Canada, deejay from the Virginia Beach Shag Club and NVSC member. He came to Northern Virginia with all of his equipment and music and spun his creative style of beach music for several club socials. He expanded the club’s awareness of beach music and provided tapes for personal use and enjoyment. One of his favorite songs at the time was “Club Savoy” by Rockin’ Louie.

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