sharon geyer and fran
Jane sharon dennis and fran fat harolds sos
judy hales and reta ferguson
reta and brenda
mary and larry camp
jane james and john
reta and dan
greg chambers and ladies
brenda marcia gregory and friend
bev earl and vesta
vesta earl and beverly
jane and brenda
valerie and lorraine
lin and tom romero
joanne marcia judy and unknown male
sheila and craig and mary
craig phillis and mary
fay and sharon geyer
ellen and friend
vesta denning and david rogers
tom and jake
mary and joanne
judy anderson and friend
andy and jerry crews
vaugh cathy and kevin
sharon and gary
vesta and jackie
charlie and craig
jackie and bob
bob kissed by val and jackie
riff raff guests
denny and maryann riff raff
group of guests riff raff
earl and bev riff raff party
mary and bob riff raff
baltimore group riff raff
mary and earl riff raff
tom  and mary riff raff
tom and cathy riff raff
jan weakley riff raff
sharon and ruth riff raff
marcia riff raff
jean teel riff raff
russ white riff raff
jerry andy and larry riff raff
vaughn riff raff

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